• Adelaide Rallysprint

    6 October 2019

The Adelaide Rallysprint is a one day event which creates an important “shake down” event prior to the premium tarmac rally event of The Adelaide Rally held in December.
Taking in two iconic sections of road from The Adelaide Rally, the Adelaide Rallysprint breaks these into a total of 4 stages, run repeatedly and in reverse at times to deliver 11 stages run throughout the day.

Categories such as Tour, Challenge and Competition as well as Category S, much the same as the Adelaide Rally, are integrated into the Adelaide Rallysprint, building some critical mass in the Tarmac Rally scene within South Australia and driving increased investment and enthusiasm for the sport.

The Adelaide Rallysprint creates an opportunity for newcomers to the sport to take part at a lower price point with efficiencies in reconnaissance, time away from work and multiple categories making the event an easy one to enter.


Ivar Stanelis / Clerk of the Course
272-274 Gilbert Street Adelaide SA 5000
ph 08 8212 2800 fax 08 8212 7900 mobile 0418 834 311
email ivar@rallysa.com.au

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